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Hey everyone, welcome to String Theory. We’re a student led blog striving to create a centralised place for people to acquire a deeper insight into current affairs and our fast-paced society. Here you can read a little bit about us individually and what we do for the blog…

Lewis Njie

Co-Founder, blog writer and podcast host

Hey everyone and welcome to String Theory. 👋 My name is Lewis and I have recently completed my first year at the University of York, whereby I study Law. When we aren’t all living in precarious times, I enjoy exploring new places, spending time with the people who matter most and cycling (albeit on a more off-road terrain).

Alongside Jess, together we created String Theory to create a centralised hub to gain a deeper insight into the challenges of this fast-paced society. 🌏

From my wide array of interests, you can expect to see an array of analysis both written and spoken to create a vibrant, yet concise discussion on interesting topics and events. I will delve beyond expressions to explore meaning and impact further to help articulate a different perspective, but ultimately to create a central place of discussion.

Jessie Spooner

Co-Founder, blog writer

Hi, I’m Jess and I currently study Global Development at the University of York. Alongside Lewis, we have created this platform to create a space to discuss ideas and perspectives on a variety of subjects that are of particular interest to us. For me, these include Climate Change, US politics and International Relations.

Something I have learnt about myself is that I enjoy taking a topic or a particular debate (such as the US general election) and exploring what forms someone’s perspective and where it originates from. I like to consider my own biases and explore why peoples views differ from my own. For me, not only does this apply to Political debate but can be extended into the workings of the society we live in. Why do people make the choices they do, and how do their views of the world influence their actions and perspectives?

Having said this, with the platform we have created I hope to provide an objective account of key issues and allow you to decipher your own opinions and find topics you wish to explore further.

Randeep Singh

Blog writer and Clubhouse host

Ayo! My name is Randeep Singh and I’m a high-school student from India. In addition to my writing here, I also have my own blog – Listogenic. You can mainly expect pop-culture centric or tech-based articles from my side. I’ve got you covered if you want to catch up on the latest updates on various softwares and applications or even if you just want to hear me talk about the latest music, movies and video-games. I try to be a more proficient writer and would love to hear what you would want to see me talk about!

Cameron Walker

Blog writer and Editor

Hello everyone, my name is Cameron. Currently, I am studying at University for a degree in Law, a subject which I have had a keen interest in for over 5 years now. I am very much looking forward to being an active contributor and writer for String Theory and hope to share some of the interesting information and knowledge I have learned, researched and acquired throughout my years of study on a variety of topics, including Law and British History.

Leera McGuinness

Creative Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Leera and I am both passionate and excited to be taking on the role of Creative Editor. Having recently finished my first year of my Law degree, I am keen to further my interests in the legal field and keep up to date with current affairs – and that is why String Theory appealed to me!

You will be able to find me keeping our social media handles in tune with fresh, appealing designs and helping ensure that this website maintains an easy-to-read format.

I’m truly excited to join the team and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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