Welcome to String Theory ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hey everyone and welcome to our first introductory blog post!

My name is Lewis and alongside my co-founder Jess, we created String Theory to connect the dots between discussion and a centralised place to find information. Whether you enjoy discovering more about the fast-paced society that we live in, current affairs or an array of captivating topics – as a team we strive to provide a space where you can take 10 minutes out of your day to consider something new. 

From me, you can expect a plethora of literary analysis on (still) very relevant themes within a diverse range of books and topics. Touching on classical literature to more recent pieces of work, I will delve beyond the expressions on the page to offer an articulate response on a central point. 

Additionally, I will be hosting String Theory’s podcast to discuss and evaluate current affairs and provide conversation and advice alongside guests to produce a pluralistic, yet vibrant discussion. To inspire, challenge and inform others, I hope that my pieces will offer a unique perspective and ultimately evoke a stream of consciousness for others to articulate their own thoughts.

Following on from Lewis, Iโ€™m Jess, and with these posts I hope to provide thought-provoking posts that not only do I hope you will enjoy reading, but possibly help you learn something new or see something from a different perspective. Each week I will cover a different topic, some will be more educationally focused, covering topics such as the significance of Stonewall and others will be more stimulating, for example considering Trumpโ€™s stance on the Paris Agreement.

Alongside Jess, my name is Cameron. Currently, I am studying at University for a degree in Law, a subject which I have had a keen interest in for over 5 years now. I am very much looking forward to being an active contributor and writer for String Theory and hope to share some of the interesting information and knowledge I have learned, researched and acquired throughout my years of study on a variety of topics.

My name is Randeep Singh and in addition to Cameronโ€™s contributions, I’ll be writing here at StringTheory to give you a little insight into the niche of my blog posts. My main topics would be pop-culture and tech-centric. I’d be lying if I say I’m an expert in Music, Movies, or Video-Games, however, I must say that I inspect everything with a unique perspective and I love to share it through my blog posts. 

Being an economics student, you could also expect a few articles about various economic policies from my side, or my takeaway from some of the most famous pieces of literature on economics.

Finally, Iโ€™m Leera and my role is to support the rest of the team with creating graphics. Since I believe that creativity plays a central role in engagement I will use colour, contemporaneity and a consistent theme to enhance the readers and listeners experience and help String Theory become a central place for offering a new, yet analytical perspective on a wide range of topics.

While I won’t be creating pieces of writing, the graphics used will be created solely by myself to help make visuals to accompany the text, central themes and emphasise points where text alone may struggle to have the same impact. 

You can consider me to be the behind-the-scenes person, but be in no doubt that I’m involved! I’ll just be behind those visual accompaniments and social media. 

We hope our posts work as a medium for you to learn something new. We would love to hear your opinions on our posts so be sure to drop some comments and give us a follow!

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  1. Hi guys, after receiving a link to your cast from my nephew. I’d like to know your opinions with regards to 5g antennas. There seems to be some conflicting evidence surrounding health issues on the subject. Some of this may be disinformation or scaremongering, which in a some cases has resulted in vandalism and setting fire to some antennas. So I guess for I’d like to know your theory’s on the subject and may be put to rest in my mind and maybe the wider community mind on just what is true or disinformation.


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